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In the current NFT landscape, the value of NFT collections is largely driven by trading demand, with communities building hype around a set of images that gain value primarily through trading. While this model has proven to be lucrative for some, it often fails to bring any real value to the table. Cases like these are becoming increasingly common, with NFT collections making thousands, if not millions of dollars, without providing any tangible benefits to their owners.

Our innovative model seeks to address this issue by offering a more sustainable and value-driven approach. Instead of relying solely on trading demand, the value of our NFT collections will be tied to the performance of already developed tourism projects or lands that are ready to develop a project. This means that the owners of our NFTs will benefit directly from the success of these businesses, providing a source of real, tangible value.

By aligning the interests of NFT owners with those of real-world businesses, we believe we can create a more sustainable and equitable NFT market. This model not only provides a potential source of income for NFT owners but also encourages the growth and development of the tourism sector.

But how does this work in practice? When you purchase one of our NFTs, you are essentially buying a stake in a tourism project or a piece of land ready for development. The performance of this project or the value of this land will directly influence the value of your NFT. If the project is successful, the value of your NFT will increase. Conversely, if the project fails, the value of your NFT may decrease.

This model brings a level of risk and reward that is often missing from the traditional NFT market. Instead of simply buying and selling images, owners of our NFTs are investing in real-world businesses and projects. This not only provides a potential source of income but also brings a sense of purpose and meaning to the NFT market.

In conclusion, our new model of NFT collections is designed to bring real value to the table. By linking the value of NFTs to the performance of real-world businesses, we believe we can create a more sustainable and equitable NFT market. We invite you to join us on this exciting journey and look forward to seeing how this new model will shape the future of the NFT market.

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